A family trip down to Menominee Park in Oshkosh a couple of weekends ago gave us the opportunity to uncover a hidden gem, Pilora’s Cafe in Oshkosh! Boasting of deli cuisine and coffee, a quick Google search yielded some yummy looking photos of a variety of different sandwiches and drinks, so we figured we’d give it a try.

The cafe’s vibe was bright and positive, with windows all around and friendly wait-staff, it was a place that felt great to walk into! They were very conscious of face coverings and social distancing guidelines, we felt safe and sanitary while dining-in.

The menus offered a variety of different options, from soups to salads to wraps to sandwiches. As many coffee shops don’t have a great food selection, I was happy to have some options available.

I ultimately decided to feast on the Philly Beef sandwich, which came with a beer and cheese soup with cornbread and cheesy potatoes (more on those in a minute). The sandwich would remind you of a patty melt with roast beef and roasted peppers, it was cheesy, greasy, and delicious! The soup was amazing, and those cheesy potatoes were probably the best I ever had. We even overheard the people next to us just order a giant plate of them, I can understand why! They were super cheesy and just crispy enough to be delicious.

My wife decided on the Avocado Turkey wrap, which featured spring greens, turkey, avocado, red onions, tomato ranch, and cheddar on a toasted multigrain tortilla. It also came with homemade-style chips and was a delicious choice! (I got to try a couple bites.) It was definitely enough food to fill us up and give us some leftovers to take home, and certainly more than I was expecting when we walked into a cafe.

The next time you’re in Oshkosh and looking for a great new place to try, I definitely recommend Pilora’s Cafe. We certainly loved it, and it may just become a new staple of ours whenever we’re in the area! There was also a great patio-area outside the restaurant with a few bushes for some scenic greenery if you prefer to dine outside! 


If you want to check out their website, view their menu, or learn more, their info is listed below::






Mon-Sat 8-2

Sunday: Closed



910 N Main Street, Oshkosh, WI 54901