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Libations at The Lanes

Libations at The Lanes

The Howard is a historic and elegant event space located in the heart of Oshkosh. The building, built in 1927, hosts private and community events. On Thursday and Friday evenings, the basement of the venue opens up to the public for bowling, craft beverages, and...

Stick with Sticky Fingers

Stick with Sticky Fingers

As a baker myself, I make a point to try all the local bakeries. I heard from several people that a new bakery was opening in Kaukauna, and as soon as they posted their menu, I couldn’t wait to try it. Right in the heart of downtown Kaukauna, Sticky Fingers opened in...


Do Not Attempt to Dodge this Caribbean Taste

Do Not Attempt to Dodge this Caribbean Taste

Tuesday. What is there to do on a Tuesday? Hardly anything, ever, really. Tuesday falls too early in the week and yet is so far removed from the weekend. Sometimes it is just another Monday masquerading as a Tuesday. 313 Dodge might just be what you are looking for....

Wisconsin Staples at Gabe’s Wisconsin Kitchen and Tavern

Wisconsin Staples at Gabe’s Wisconsin Kitchen and Tavern

As I’m getting used to living in Wisconsin, I’m discovering some of the Wisconsin staples when it comes to food and spirits. I knew about Spotted Cow and cheese curds before I moved to Wisconsin, but that was about it. Fortunately, Gabe’s Wisconsin Kitchen and Tavern...

Shopping Local

Bushels of Fun at Bauer’s Apple Shed

Bushels of Fun at Bauer’s Apple Shed

As soon as the leaves begin to change, even ever so slightly, so does my weekly menu. When the shades of green turn to red and orange, my refrigerator, once full of peaches, quickly becomes home to all things apple. Taking a trip to a local apple orchard is my...

Faris Popcorn is Poppin’

Faris Popcorn is Poppin’

When I previously lived in Illinois, I became familiar with the popcorn chain “Garrett Popcorn.” One of my favorites mixes was their Garrett Mix, their world famous cheddar and caramel corn mix. When I moved to Wisconsin, I wasn’t sure if I would find a popcorn...

Have you been thinking about where you can find really tasty authentic Thai food in the Fox Valley? Well, look no more, I’ve done the job for you! Little Siam in Neenah is an excellent choice for authentic Thai food! Little Siam opened fairly recently this Summer and has wasted no time making their mark on the local food lover’s list. Located right in the heart of downtown Neenah, Little Siam adds the perfect flare to the area making it one of Fox Valley’s top ranked Asian restaurants. 

Little Siam does a fantastic job with interior design making you feel as though you are visiting Thailand while dining. I noticed not only the beautiful and intricate gold art on the walls but also the details of the light shades and the chairs make you feel as though you are dining as Thai royalty. The fresh foliage and traditional Thai decor definitely amps up the feel of freshness and authentic vibes to pair wonderfully with the food. And I did not forget the best part, I am a sucker for music, so hearing traditional Thai music in the restaurant is the cherry on top and makes the whole experience even better!  

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Wired For Wine

Let’s get into the reason why you are here, THE FOOD! We’ll start off easy and dive right into my drink of choice and appetizers. I ordered the Thai Tea and paired it with some hot and crisp crab and cream cheese rangoons. 

The Thai Tea comes unmixed so you can first get that IG picture 😉 and also so you can mix it in yourself for the freshest taste! Thai tea is usually known as a Thai drink made from Ceylon tea, milk and sugar, and served hot or cold. It is popular in Southeast Asia and is served in many restaurants that serve Thai food. Very delicious!

Ordering the crab and cream cheese rangoons was the perfect way to start my dining experience. They were crispy and flaky on the outside but an absolute dream on the inside. They were filled with imitation crab meat, cream cheese and green onions with a light sweet and sour sauce to pair. Talk about building a palate huh? That’s how you do it! 


We will waste no time here , let’s indulge ourselves with the best of the best: the Pad Thai! Word on the street is that the Pad Thai is a MUST-get from Little Siam and word on the street was not playin’. This Pad Thai can be ordered with your choice of chicken, tofu, beef, crispy pork or shrimp. You can also customize your level of spiciness. I ordered mine with chicken and medium spicy and it was downright delicious! The flavor in this noodle dish is no joke! Right as I took my first bite, I knew it was love at first bite. Two words: PERFECTLY CRAFTED. *inserts hand and kiss emoji* This Pad Thai dish is assembled with flat rice noodles, sweet & tamarind sauce, eggs, bean sprouts, green onions and topped off with peanuts. Many local food critics have had nothing but good things to say about this Pad Thai, and after speaking with Kitchen Manager Pheng, he says food critics’ feelings are validated because it is one of their most ordered dishes. 

Let’s move on to more drool talk. THE FREAKING FISH LAAB! Now if you don’t know what this is…first off, you’re missing out. But fear not, after this, I know you’ll want to go and try it for yourself. ^_^

Laab or also know as Larb is eaten cold or at room temperature. To me, it’s almost like a fresh meat salad; it is often made with beef, chicken, pork, duck and fish (my favorite). Laab is typically flavored with fish saucelime juicepadaek sauce, roasted ground rice and fresh herbs. Depending on how experienced you are, at times the beef dish can be made and consumed raw and bitter as well. Laab is often paired with a bed of fresh lettuce and glutinous sticky rice. Little Siam makes their fish laab with fresh haddock and sometimes cod and the taste was on point! It was quite refreshing and cut some of the heavier dishes that I ate along with this meal. The sticky rice served alongside it was a great pairing! Make sure to try some next time you’re ordering! 

Lastly, we will swoop in to fully sell you on this whole experience with this yellow chicken curry. This dish is a savory and dreamy coconut curry filled with carrots, mushrooms, bamboo and bell peppers. This was the best addition to spell my cold shivers from the cool Fall wind. This yellow curry dish had the perfect consistency; it wasn’t soupy nor thick and it was put together wonderfully with a side of white jasmine rice. It was a light dish that made me feel warm and cozy and I would definitely order this again! DON’T SKIP OUT ON THIS, or at least try one of the curries during your visit. 🙂

I did get a chance to sit down with Pheng who is the Kitchen Manager to talk about some of the things that Little Siam is doing at this time to ensure the safety of their staff and their customers during COVID. Here’s what that looks like:

Indoor seating is available, but they are seating just every other table to maintain at least 6 feet apart from other customers. Over the phone ordering and pick up is is available along with online ordering through the website. When the weather is nice out, there are 2 tables out in the front patio space for outdoor dining. All staff is required to wear masks and wash their hands at all times between exchanges. 

If you’ve read my other blogs, by now you know, I like to get some suggestions for you guys from the employees themselves. I asked Katelyn, our server, what are some of her recommendations for first time visitors and she suggested to order the: Duck with Sweet Basil Rice or the Pad Ka Pao. These both have some of the most explosive and amazing flavors you’ll ever taste!

If you haven’t read my other blogs…well… check them out! 

Make sure you check out Little Siam on Facebook and follow them so you can see the latest specials as they are rolling it out. Facebook is the number one place to see all of their updates and current specials. 

If you can’t make it out to Neenah, Yee who is the owner of Little Siam also owns Bowl 91 and Big Pot Grill in Appleton. Both of these other restaurants have reputable reviews as well, so check them out if you’re in Appleton!

Thanks for reading, now go on and enjoy! 

Little Siam

208 W Wisconsin Ave, Neenah, WI 54956

(920) 215-6537

Hours of Operation: Monday through Saturday 11 am- 8 pm

Little Siam does not offer EatStreet or other delivery services at this time. Please feel free to call during business hours to place your order.