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Manila Resto: Creative Combinations

Manila Resto: Creative Combinations

My husband and I ventured out to dinner at Manila Resto on a Friday evening. We were seated right next to the window on Algoma Street. On my left was the warm colorful atmosphere of the restaurant. On my right, the architecture and characters of Oshkosh.To start the...

Lunchtime Nostalgia at Lunch Box

Lunchtime Nostalgia at Lunch Box

I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a lunch person. Breakfast is my favorite meal, and if I need to eat something during the lunch hour, I’ll opt for a smoothie or something lighter. One place I wanted to try when I started writing for Nosh was Lunch Box in Oshkosh. After...


Wisconsin Staples at Gabe’s Wisconsin Kitchen and Tavern

Wisconsin Staples at Gabe’s Wisconsin Kitchen and Tavern

As I’m getting used to living in Wisconsin, I’m discovering some of the Wisconsin staples when it comes to food and spirits. I knew about Spotted Cow and cheese curds before I moved to Wisconsin, but that was about it. Fortunately, Gabe’s Wisconsin Kitchen and Tavern...

Ambassador of Cocktails: Diplomat of Drink

Ambassador of Cocktails: Diplomat of Drink

Head downtown and surely you've heard of Ambassador. Located just off of College Avenue downtown Appleton on Appleton Ave, this unique cocktail bar is situated across from Houdini Plaza. I have definitely neglected going here, with it located next to Shear Chaos (yes...

Shopping Local

Sweets Treats at Carmel Crisp

Sweets Treats at Carmel Crisp

If you’re looking for a place to order coffee, cookies, and other sweet treats, you need to visit Caramel Crisp Corner in downtown Oshkosh. I ordered from them during Downtown Oshkosh’s Lunch Bucks event March 29th-April 2nd.  About Caramel Crisp It’s hard to picture...

I Knead to Tell you About Thunderbird Bakery in Oshkosh

I Knead to Tell you About Thunderbird Bakery in Oshkosh

Since relocating to Oshkosh, my fiance and I have done a good job of finding our new go-to's for things like groceries, pizza, burgers, etc. However, we had yet to find a good bakery in town. That is until we stumbled upon Thunderbird Bakery in Oshkosh. I knew about...

Tuesday. What is there to do on a Tuesday? Hardly anything, ever, really. Tuesday falls too early in the week and yet is so far removed from the weekend. Sometimes it is just another Monday masquerading as a Tuesday. 313 Dodge might just be what you are looking for. Tuesdays are reserved for food trucks and(!) cocktails, beer, or wine if you are so inclined. Walk-up Tuesdays as they are called, they are open for walk-up drinks and the food truck offering is parked conveniently right in front of the establishment.

313 Dodge

Conveniently located at, you guessed it, 313 Dodge St in Kaukauna, 313 is centrally located downtown Kaukauna, close by the Fox River. 1000 Islands Conservancy is located just down the road. Visiting the Conservancy then stopping by for a drink is always recommended. 313’s aim is to be more of a social place to gather and have drinks and small plates in an open atmosphere. Kyle Megna & Janel Abel opened 313 at the tail end of 2018. Here they feature a rotating option of cocktails, whether to go, or to enjoy leisurely on their outdoor patio. Each week they feature two different cocktails while having a few staples that stay, such as old-fashioned and the rotating offering of craft beers.


Raspberry Orange Mojito

With summertime soon upon us, its only natural to start off with a crisp and refreshing mojito to set the mood. As one of the two options offered this week, it was an easy first choice. Raspberry and orange are an amazing combo that compliment each other very well, providing a nice fruit tandem to couple with the traditional mojito. Having ordered this cocktail before stopping over to order food at Caribbean Jerk, the drink was fully imbibed before the food was ready. Had I not made that disastrous decision to drink the mojito first, it would have paired spectacularly with the meal that I ordered. It just meant that I would have to order the other drink on hand to enjoy with dinner.

Blackberry Bourbon Smash

You had me at Bourbon. Highlighted by bourbon, this was a smashing drink to enjoy. More of a gentle sipper to enjoy on a patio while conversing with others, it went down amazingly well too. With the Caribbean flair offered for dinner, this held its own with the Mojito, but I would recommend pairing the mojito with dinner instead of this bourbon concoction. Buoyed by the blackberry and bourbon, the flavors contrasted dinner more then complimenting them, but that is just a personal choice.

Caribbean Taste

On hand this week for Walk-up Tuesday was Caribbean Taste. Having heard praises of their food, I was rather eager to get in line and see what treats they had in store. Looking over the menu offerings, I will admit it was not an easy decision on what to choose. Wanting to act quick since there were numerous other individuals in line to feast upon their exquisite offerings, I decided on the Mango Lime Chicken, pairing it with Plantains, Jerk Mac’n Cheese, and Rice & Beans. Having taken a few bites, I knew I made the right decision. Or I was just ravenous since it was difficult to put my fork down to savor all the flavors. The chicken and mac’n cheese had just the right amount of spice to pair with their bold flavors. The plaintain and rice & beans balanced these flavors extremely well, creating a unique variety of flavors for my palette to delight in.

(Last year our former blogger Robia reviewed Carribean Taste, make sure to check out it out.)

In Conclusion

313 is an amazing place for being social. Just to stop by with friends or family, or to make new friends, its atmosphere is welcoming to all. In addition to offering various alcoholic beverages mentioned before, they also offer various small plates to enjoy as well during their Thursday through Saturday hours. Thursday afternoons they have Jazz offerings to enjoy while sitting outside, as well as other musicians on Saturdays. Have a dog? Bring them on down as they have a pet friendly patio. I know I will be back to try their cocktails and taste test the shareables they offer.

Contact Info & Hours


313 Dodge St

Kaukauna, WI 54130



Sunday:            Closed

Monday:          Closed

Tuesday:          4pm – 7pm (Walk-up Tuesday)

Wednesday:    Closed

Thursday:         4pm – 8pm

Friday:              4pm – 8pm

Saturday:          2pm – 8pm