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Libations at The Lanes

Libations at The Lanes

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Stick with Sticky Fingers

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Do Not Attempt to Dodge this Caribbean Taste

Do Not Attempt to Dodge this Caribbean Taste

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Wisconsin Staples at Gabe’s Wisconsin Kitchen and Tavern

Wisconsin Staples at Gabe’s Wisconsin Kitchen and Tavern

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Shopping Local

Bushels of Fun at Bauer’s Apple Shed

Bushels of Fun at Bauer’s Apple Shed

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Faris Popcorn is Poppin’

Faris Popcorn is Poppin’

When I previously lived in Illinois, I became familiar with the popcorn chain “Garrett Popcorn.” One of my favorites mixes was their Garrett Mix, their world famous cheddar and caramel corn mix. When I moved to Wisconsin, I wasn’t sure if I would find a popcorn...

I’m not even kidding. (serious face) Please stop right now. Go get yourself some tasty Caribbean food from Caribbean Taste. Haha, that’s it! 

No but seriously, I can’t even contain my excitement of writing this blog right now because I am so very super excited to share the love of this amazing food truck with all of you! Let’s dig right in. . .

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Caribbean Taste originated in Appleton in the early Summer of 2019. Thirty-three year old entrepreneur Reggie Desamour wanted to share a little bit of his culture by preparing delicious and healthy Caribbean food for the food lovers of the Fox Valley. Reggie found his passion for food and cooking at a young age by being in the kitchen with his mother. I sat down with Reggie and asked him, “Why the food truck business?”. He answered, “I’ve always enjoyed being in the kitchen and loved traveling. The best idea I had was to merge the two and cook in a food truck! I like to meet different crowds of people as I travel around; it’s fun and rewarding!

While Reggie was attending college, he decided to kick-start a food truck business from home partnering up with family members and working out of a small trailer. Since then, the business has blossomed and has done so well that Caribbean Taste has expanded to full sized food trucks! Today Reggie owns and operates two food trucks across Northeastern Wisconsin: the Fox Valley and Green Bay area. Reggie says the ultimate goal is to have multiple Caribbean Taste Food Trucks across the state of Wisconsin so he can continue sharing his culture with the Wisconsin locals and his community. 

Wired For Wine

Caribbean Taste has a very simple menu that pleases all palates. They keep it simple to make your decision to choose, easy. The menu lists the choices of meats, sides, types of sandwiches and meal combinations. The meat dishes that are available are: jerk chicken, mango lime chicken, garlic pork and island shrimp. The sides that you can’t skip out on are: rice and beans, jerk mac’ n cheese, beet salad, fried plantains and pikliz (pickled slaw). The sandwiches are: jerk chicken sandwich, mango lime chicken sandwich and garlic pork sandwich. When choosing from the meal combos, you can choose from the jerk chicken meal, mango lime chicken meal, garlic pork meal or the island shrimp meal. These meals come with your choice of three sides.

My choice for the evening was an EXCELLENT choice. “I was, and still am, beyond in love with what I ordered. My choice for dinner was the garlic pork over beans and rice with a side of jerk mac’ n cheese and fried plantains. My initial thought when I first saw this plate of food was, “wow, I got a lot of food!” My second thought as I tasted the food was, “OH my GOOODNESSSS! This is TASTY!” Now this was my first time having Caribbean food so I didn’t know what to expect. Whatever my expectations were, it exceeded it. The range of flavors across my plate were just beyond words. I think I ordered the PERFECT PLATE. Something about my entire meal was homey and so comforting, I could barely contain my enjoyment as I was eating.

The sauce that was drizzled over the pork and the fried plantains was absolutely delicious. The hearty mac’ n cheese was dreamlike, period. I didn’t think such a simple dish like the mac’ n cheese would get so much love from me, but it did. DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE PLANTAINS! Gosh, it was super-duper delightful. I’ve never had fried plantains and now I want them with every meal I eat. It was both light in taste, but rich in flavor and overall oh-so-good at the same time. The garlic pork over the rice and beans…three words: flawless, superb and perfection. I struck gold.

My sister Mary joined me for dinner also as a first time Caribbean food tryer. Mary ordered the Island shrimp meal with rice and beans, mac’ n cheese and the pikliz. She very much enjoyed her dish as well and had nothing but great things to say about our choice for dinner. The Island shrimp had a hint of a fiery Jamaican flavor to it which paired perfectly with the pikliz salad. Pikliz is a slightly spicy condiment, sort of like a coleslaw in the Haitian cuisine, often containing pickled cabbage, carrots, bell peppers and Scotch bonnet peppers. The pikliz dish can be seasoned with garlic, onion and pickled in white vinegar. Please beware, there is a bit of kick to the shrimp and the pikliz but regardless, it’s still very tasty for those of you who can handle a bit of heat. I won’t rave too much on the mac’ n cheese and the beans and rice on her plate because, well, you already know how I feel about those. #gold 

I asked Reggie what their best selling menu items were and after a minute of struggling to decide, since everything is ridiculously delicious, he said if he had to choose, it would be the Jerk Mac’ N Cheese and the Jerk Chicken. One thing that he can recommend for first time tasters would be the Mango Lime Chicken meal. This is a self-created dish by Reggie himself and he has received so many good reviews on it, it will not disappoint.

With COVID-19, Caribbean Taste has taken many measures to ensure the safety of all of their employees and customers. Employees are required to wear face coverings and change gloves often. Caribbean Taste sets out an automatic sanitizing station right in front of the truck for extra precaution. Reggie states that they are following CDC guidelines as close as possible to make customers feel safe coming out to order food. During hard times like these, it is difficult for the restaurant and food industry to maintain its regularity in business, so Reggie would like to thank his supporters and customers for their continuous love and support for Caribbean Taste.  

Now if you’re ready to jump out of your chair to go find Caribbean Taste, hold your horses. I’ve got the info on where and how you can find them. Caribbean Taste operates by truck only and does not have a stationed restaurant. If you follow them on Facebook, you can find out where they will be for the week. The most popular spot where you can find them is at McFleshman’s Brewing Co. in downtown Appleton. *shout out to McFleshman’s* You can also find them at the Farmer’s Market in Oshkosh on Saturdays. 

Caribbean Taste does not have set operating hours but again, to find out how you can easily locate the best Caribbean food in the Fox Valley, like and follow them on Facebook.

Caribbean Taste is currently partnered up with Quickies, a local food delivery service. How can you order through Quickies? Call Caribbean Taste and place an order, there, they can arrange a drop off with Quickies to get you your lunch/dinner.

Thanks for reading, now go on and enjoy! 

(920) 702-7009 <<< Caribbean Taste

Don’t forget, Caribbean Taste caters for private events as well! Give them a call or shoot them a message on Facebook for more information!