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Cool Down with 2021 Staff Ice Cream Picks!

Cool Down with 2021 Staff Ice Cream Picks!

The weather this past week has been sweltering. Our staff hasn’t been immune, so we decided to share with you one of our favorite ways to cool off, of course ice cream! Whether it be your favorite Mexican sundae, adding a few of your favorite toppings to tried and...

Summer on the South Side at Ardy & Ed’s

Summer on the South Side at Ardy & Ed’s

I’ve lived in Oshkosh for almost a year now. I moved in the middle of a summer filled with quarantines, masks, and take-out. While the summer of 2020 was technically my first summer in Oshkosh, I don’t feel like I got the true experience. I used to live in an...


Do Not Attempt to Dodge this Caribbean Taste

Do Not Attempt to Dodge this Caribbean Taste

Tuesday. What is there to do on a Tuesday? Hardly anything, ever, really. Tuesday falls too early in the week and yet is so far removed from the weekend. Sometimes it is just another Monday masquerading as a Tuesday. 313 Dodge might just be what you are looking for....

Wisconsin Staples at Gabe’s Wisconsin Kitchen and Tavern

Wisconsin Staples at Gabe’s Wisconsin Kitchen and Tavern

As I’m getting used to living in Wisconsin, I’m discovering some of the Wisconsin staples when it comes to food and spirits. I knew about Spotted Cow and cheese curds before I moved to Wisconsin, but that was about it. Fortunately, Gabe’s Wisconsin Kitchen and Tavern...

Shopping Local

Oshkosh Food Co-Op Officially Open for Business

Oshkosh Food Co-Op Officially Open for Business

Did you know Oshkosh is considered a desert? Well, not the desert you’re thinking of with sand and hot temperatures. It’s considered a food desert by the USDA, and the residents of Oshkosh wanted to change that. As of July 22nd, 2021, the Oshkosh Food Co-Op (OFC) is...

A Wagner Market Picnic

A Wagner Market Picnic

Enter any big box store and you can tell that it's the beginning of the end of summer. When the pots, soil and trowels are replaced by notebooks, pencils, and backpacks it's a sign that summer must be savored before it's gone. One thing on my to-do list this summer...

Wagner Market in downtown Oshkosh, Wisconsin

I recently moved to Oshkosh a few months ago from Illinois (and previously grew up in Michigan). Where I grew up in Michigan, most of the restaurants and shops were locally owned, so it was easy to support local businesses. Moving to Oshkosh, in addition to eating at local restaurants, I also wanted to find places to shop local for food. Luckily, I found Wagner Market.

Purchase groceries at Wagner Market

Previously known as Ski’s Market, Wagner Market is a local grocer located in downtown Oshkosh that knows the importance of good food. They offer everything normally offered at a grocery store: meats, deli, local produce, craft beer, wine, and Wisconsin cheese. They offer at least 40% of their inventory from the state Wisconsin and try to keep everything else sourced from the midwest. If I need to pick up some groceries but don’t want to deal with large supermarkets, I usually opt to visit Wagner Market. It’s nice to shop there for groceries because they have smaller proportions compared to large supermarkets, so it’s not as likely that extra produce will go to waste.

There are 100+ cheese varieties available at Wagner Market

After living in Wisconsin and buying Wisconsin cheese, I don’t think I can go back to regular cheese slices from larger grocery chains. Their cheese section is both jaw-dropping and a little intimidating with over 100+ cheese varieties from Wisconsin. You can buy cheese bricks, cheese sticks, grated cheese, and more! My boyfriend and I love to purchase smoked cheese sticks that we can snack on while we’re working from home. Whenever I make crockpot mac and cheese, I always use smoked cheddar and pepper jack cheese from Wagner Market. They even offer catering services if you want to order a cheese board or charcuterie tray!

Wagner Market offers 30* flavors of brats and other quality meats

My boyfriend loves to grill, so when we moved to Oshkosh we had to find a local butcher. And Wagner Market does not disappoint. They offer 30+ varieties of brats, which I didn’t think was even possible: Garlic and Parmesan, Chorizo, Bacon and Cheddar, Oktoberfest, Sassy Honey BBQ, and so much more. We also love to purchase chicken from Wagner Market since they’re not purchased in bulk and are a more reasonable size to eat compared to chicken you would find at a larger supermarket. I’m not the biggest fan of beef jerky, but they have a large section of beef jerky that you are sure to find something you like. They also have Boar’s Head Deli if you want to order something fresh for lunch. 

Wagner Market has 500+ craft beer options to choose from

They have an amazing selection of craft beer, mostly sourced from Wisconsin and the midwest. Before I moved to Wisconsin, I already knew the hype of Spotted Cow from New Glarus Brewing Company. After visiting Wagner Market, I can not only get my Spotted Cow fix and find more Wisconsin beers to try. They have other alcoholic drinks if craft beer is not your thing. Now that it’s fall, my boyfriend and I can’t wait to try different varieties of Oktoberfest. Most of their beer is out in the open, but if you need cold beer, their refrigerated section also has some beer, just not as many options to choose from.

It only makes sense that if you want to support local restaurants, you should also support local grocers. Wagner Market  is my go-to grocery in Oshkosh, and it should be yours too.

Wagner Market

502 N. Main St

Oshkosh, WI 54901


920-320-6328 (MEAT)


Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm

Saturday: 10am-6pm

Sunday: 10am-4pm